The Journey Begins…


After month of encouragement from friends and co-workers, I have decided to take the leap and begin a blog focusing on my beautiful family.  Yes, I said family.  We are atypical in every way, cause the occasional fender bender when walking down the street due to our unusual stature, and spend more time at the cuddling than many other families.  We are the Davis Doodles – Jill, Katie, Winnie, and Charlie – and yes, we are a family.

Families should bring happiness.  While I do not have a “traditional” family of my own, I have made it my mission to bring happiness to myself and to countless others through my goldendoodles.  All three are certified therapy dogs, and “work” in the classroom setting as well as various volunteer settings throughout the community and beyond. This blog will feature photos, videos, and discussion focusing on their experiences, likes/dislikes, personalities, stories, and more.  I’d like to open up discussions on foods, toys, great places to visit that are dog friendly, training opportunities, etc.

Please bookmark us and check back often – we look forward to another opportunity for the Davis Doodles to become familiar faces in your own households!



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