Toys, toys, and more toys!

My dogs love their toys.  That sounds like a silly statement, but they can’t get through a day without completely emptying their toy boxes (yes, there are several) and display the contents throughout the house.  The more plush, the better, and bonus if there is a squeaker.  The funny part is that they don’t seek to destroy them… no ripping apart, grabbing squeakers from the inside, or pulling to shreds.  They’re just not interested in that.  In fact, I still have a huge puppy dog stuffed animal that Katie received as a gift when she was 9 weeks old.  It has been washed numerous times and looks terrible, but she loves it.  It actually resides in my office at school on top of the filing cabinet and only comes out to play on days that Katie is at school (so that it remains special for HER).


I am big fan of Kong’s plush toys as they seem to hold up well.  I am always looking for new, quality toys that don’t break the bank, because the reality is that the dogs don’t really care what the toy looks like…


What are your suggestion for quality, durable toys that withstand the test of time (and teeth…and slobber)?

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